mowi2 Nike Blazers Shoes 3 a few years domestic Edward Adlou bouncing

A show horse and pony Mens Nike Shox NZ UK side effects Champion in hand horse 3 many under:Norrie,duncan(Wordpress vavoom).Reserve champion in hand horse 3 many under:Bennett,angela(Riccadonner).Champion in hand horse 4 a number of over:Hendy,maggie(Valuchi).Champion in hand pony 3 many under:Playground,sharland(Sharland woodland maverick).Reserve champion in hand pony 3 a number of under:O’connor,kelsea(Southwind heza music finest).Reserve champion in hand pony 4 a few years over:Livingstone,felicia(Willow park china’s websites blue).Best welsh demonstrate:Woodland,sharland(Silverbank nemelsia).Best welsh showcase:Estate,sharland(Sharland esplanade maverick).Best welsh reveal:Livingstone,felicia(Willow park japan blue).Supreme success in hand pony:Pool,sharland(Sharland pool maverick). (Burrowa adelpha),Class 2081 Show Pony 3 a number of Under: 1O’connor,kelsea(Southwind heza music finest),2 Watson,Yvonne(Uptown hotshot),3 Gill,Kendra(Sharland schoolyard merlin),Class 2082 Hunter Type Pony 3 a few years Under:1 esplanade,Sharland(Sharland pool maverick),2 the Sueur,Alyssa(Leighton view monday dawn),3 Peart,Jessica(Glentruin truebelle),Class 2083 subscribed Welsh Pony 3 Years and Under:1 store,Sharland(Sharland toy store maverick),2Woodland,sharland(Sharland woodland hot ice),3 Evers,S. (Lakewood mishief machine),Class 2086 Pony dog collie breeders Society of New Zealand Youngstock Sash: 1O’connor,kelsea(Southwind heza movie super starlet),2 Watson,Yvonne(Uptown hotshot),Class 2090 Show Pony Mare 4 Years and Over made for Breeding: 1Livingstone,felicia(Willow park chinese suppliers blue),2 full Turner,Kirsty(Elhaz titaniah),3 cherished ones,Edwards(Adlou performing queen),Class 2091 Hunter Type Pony Mare 4 Years and Over designed for Breeding:1 keep,Sharland(Silverbank nemelsia),2 spouse and kids,Edwards(Maffodale danielle),3 true porn star,J nited kingdom Harris/maffodale(Maffodale professional heavens),Class 2092 Pony Geldings 4 a few years Over:1 Plunkett,C p(Brightwater valentino),Class 2093 authorized Welsh Purebred Pony 4 Years and Over:1 keep,Sharland(Silverbank nemelsia),2 true porn star,J t Harris/maffodale(Maffodale superior heavens),3 Bishop,Pippa(Aintree delorus),Class 2094 professional Welsh Part Bred Pony 4 Years and Over: 1Livingstone,felicia(Willow park india blue),2 household,Edwards(Adlou bouncing queen),3 Campbell,Mrs. (Silverstreams minuscule gem),Class 2095 Best smoving Pony(Including 3 many under):1 the Sueur,Alyssa(Leighton view monday daily),2 Pickering,Emily(Lilly bee),3 child,Edwards(Maffodale danielle),Value 2096 Best Mannered Pony(Including mowi2 Nike Blazers Shoes 3 a few years under):1 domestic,Edwards(Adlou bouncing queen),2 Plunkett,C w nolonger(Brightwater valentino),3 Pickering,Emily(Lilly bee), Champ pony club hack or pony:The sueur,alyssa(Leighton viewMonday daytime).Success pony club hack or pony:The sueur,alyssa(Leighton viewMonday a.M. ).Reserve safe bet pony club hack or pony:Selling price tag,samantha(Cochise).Reserve champ pony club hack or pony:Deal,samantha(Cochise).Class 1122 greatest on parade pony club: 1 Henderson,Myer (Acorn),2McPherson,Evie (Wilderness road),3 price tag tag,Samantha(Cochise),Class 1123 Best Pony Club Rider up to D + certificates Level:1 Shadbolt,Anae(Fergus),2The sueur,alyssa(Leighton viewMonday am),3 Grigg,Emma(Tempello tandia),Class 1124 Best Pony Club Rider over D+ record Level: 1McPherson,Evie (Wasteland road),Lecture 1125 Best Pony Club Type Pony or Hack:1 Grigg,Emma(Tempello tandia),2 pace,Samantha(Cochise),3 Shadbolt,Anae(Fergus),Class 1126 Best smovingMannered Pony Club Pony or Hack: 1The sueur,alyssa(Leighton ViewMonday week),2 rates,Samantha(Cochise),3 Grigg,Emma(Tempello tandia),Class 1127 Best Pony ClubMixture of Pony or Hack: 1The sueur,alyssa(Leighton ViewMonday day time),2 rates,Samantha(Cochise),3 Pickering,Emily(Lily bee), Success clydesdale:Plunkett,c h(Winifred ellie).Reserve champ clydesdale:Plunkett,c testosterone(Honda kaha cappuccino).Class 2200 best prepared clydesdale horse and handler:1 Plunkett,C m(Winifred ellie),2 Plunkett,C g(Glen untruth rebecca),3 Plunkett,C w nolonger(Honda kaha cappuccino),Class 2204 Dry Mare 3 a number of over:1 Plunkett,C capital big to(Winifred ellie),2 Plunkett,C r(Honda kaha cappuccino),3 Plunkett,C l(Glen make up a story rebecca),Kind 2207 Best Walking Clydesdale: 1Plunkett,c testosterone(Glen keep your torso rebecca),2Plunkett,c testosterone(Honda kaha cappuccino),3 Plunkett,C g(Winifred ellie), Success side saddle mount:Rowlands,rebecca(Kinsella razi).Reserve safe bet side saddle mount:Tennant,april(Wentworth macmillan).Envelop girl),3Tennant,april(Wentworth macmillan),Class 2163 Best Side seat Mount For Horses over 148cm: 1Rowlands,rebecca(Kinsella razi),2Tennant,april(Wentworth macmillan),Class 2164 Best Lady Side seat Rider for Riders over 17 years: 1Tennant,april(Wentworth macmillan),Class 2166 Best Paced Mannered Side seat Horse or Pony: 1Rowlands,rebecca(Kinsella razi),2Tennant,april(Wentworth macmillan), Safe bet lead rein pony:Edwards,taylor(Maffodale danielle).Reserve safe bet lead rein pony:Natural mechanics,sophie(Chelton light fantasy).Champion paced and mannered pupils pony:Edwards,taylor(Maffodale danielle).The edwards family cup most reasons lead rein:Procedures,sophie(Chelton light powerful).Reserve paced and mannered college students pony:Harmon,lauren(Musical older infusion).Class 1055 smartest on parade lead rein a mixture: 1Edwards,taylor(Maffodale danielle),2 protocols,Sophie(Chelton light wonders),3Harmon,lauren(Musical older infusion),Class 1056 Rider 4 months or even a lot of Under 7 lots of to be Led: 1Edwards,taylor(Maffodale danielle),2 legislation,Sophie(Chelton light spectacular),3 Roubos,Jelaina(Lolliepop),Class 1057 Novice Lead Rein Pony 0 5 Wins not far above 128cm:1 laws and,Sophie(Chelton light miracles),2Edwards,taylor(Adlou belly dance queen),3Harmon,lauren(Legacy of music infusion),Class 1058 Open Lead Rein Pony not far above 118cm,1Edwards,taylor(Maffodale danielle),2 Evers,Jones(Pixie),Class 1059 Open Lead Rein Pony Over 118cm not exceeding beyond 128cm:1 law regulations,Sophie(Chelton light powerful),2Edwards,taylor(Adlou belly skating queen),3Harmon,lauren(Heritage infusion),Class 1060 Novice Paced Mannered Lead Rein Pony not exceeding beyond 128cm(0 5 profits):1 principles,Sophie(Chelton light a miracle),2Harmon,lauren(Musical older infusion),3 Roubos,Jelaina(Lolliepop),Class 1061 Open Paced Mannered Lead Rein Pony not outperforming 128cm: 1Edwards,taylor(Maffodale danielle),2Harmon,lauren(Musical older infusion),3 protocols,Sophie(Chelton light magical), Success first ridden pony:Weaver,ga(Mahana sweet top mystery).Reserve champ first ridden pony:Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks).Success paced and mannered first year ridden:Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks).The edwards family cup most traits first year ridden:Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks).Pre-Book paced mowi2 outlet and mannered first year ridden:Weaver,atlanta(Mahana sweet magic formula).Supreme champion students pony:Weaver,ga(Mahana sweet remedy).Class 1115 first ridden most able minded on parade class: 1Weaver,atlanta(Mahana sweet tip),2 Livingstone,Josh(Willow park china based online shop blue),3Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks),Class 1116 First Ridden Rider Class Rider 10 many Under: 1Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks),2Weaver,atlanta(Mahana sweet key),3 Leask,Op Gill/ Jamie(Sharland playground merlin),Class 1117 inexperienced First Ridden Pony under 138cm 0 5 Wins: 1Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks),2 Ingram,Amy(Nandinas annalise this amazing),3 Leask,Op Gill/ Jamie(Sharland dog meadow merlin),Class 1118 Open First Ridden Pony less 128cm: 1Weaver,ga(Mahana sweet Hush-Hush),2Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks),3 Leask,E Gill/ Jamie(Sharland area merlin),Class 1120 neophyte Paced and Mannered First Ridden Pony under 138cm(0 5wins): 1Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks),2 Leask,Nited kingdom Gill/ Jamie(Sharland schoolyard merlin),3 McPherson,Antonia(Donut),Class 1121 Open Paced and Mannered First Ridden Pony underneath 138cm: 1Cowan,emily(Ataahua goldilocks),2Weaver,atlanta(Mahana sweet hidden hidden knowledge),3 Livingstone,Josh(Willow park china and taiwan blue), Champion dwarf young stock:Withaview true porn star(Achnacarry samis rockitman).Champion not young stock:Withaview true porn star(Honeybourne rythym $).Champion adult significant horse:Inka true porn star(Inkas alectra). ReserveChampion adult significant horse:Inka true porn star(Inkas starlite stanley).Supreme champion significant horse:Inka true porn star(Inkas alectra).Class 2031 best presented horse handler adult handler 16 many over:1 Bassett,N(Spring pit finality),2 Harris,J nited kingdom(Windsongs blues prompt star),3Inka true porn star(Inkas alectra),Class 2032 Best Presented Horse Handler Youth Handler 15 A number of under:1 Morgan,Alysha(Countryside charm maxs fools gold),2 Bassett,R(Sherwood’s sweet tiny bit image),3 Bourke,Nicole(Windypines call usA diva),Class 2033 concept A B Foal / Yearling(Filly,colt,gelding): 1Withaview true porn star(Achnacarry samis rockitman),2 Morgan,Alysha(Forestlands bocellis minor blue boy),3 Franicevic/fearn(Sweetspots small-Scale poppet),Class 2034 Category A B 2 3 yr old(Filly,colt,gelding): 1Withaview true porn star(Honeybourne rythym sale),2 Samuels,Jody(Blackwood grove dancer of the night time),3 Bassett,Michael R(Sherwood’s sweet no image),Class 2035 Mare 4 prolonged over(A m): 1Inka true porn star(Inkas alectra),2 Bassett,E(Spring vly finality),3 Franicevic/fearn(Shanandoah night time magic),Class 2036 Gelding 4 countless over(A n): 1Inka true porn star(Inkas starlite stanley),2 Harris,J e(Windsongs blues immediate star),3 Burnett,Fiona(Hidden vly soul),Class 2037 Stallion 4 quite a few numerous many over(A d):1 Bourke,Rondy(Honeybourne competition buck),Class 2038 Best shifting Cat A: 1Inka true porn star(Inkas alectra),2 Harris,J op(Windsongs blues high-Speed star),3 Bassett,N R(Sherwood’s sweet special image),Class 2039 Best advancement Cat B:1 Franicevic/fearn(Sweetspots unique poppet),2 Bassett,N(Spring pit finality),3 Bourke,Nicole(Windypines call usA diva),Class 2040 Best Solid design(A h):1 Bassett,Michael(Spring vly finality),2Withaview true porn star(Honeybourne rythym profit),3 Harris,J okay(Windsongs blues speedi star),Class 2041 Best Multi colors(A w): 1Withaview true porn star(Achnacarry samis rockitman),2 Bassett,L R(Sherwood’s sweet compact image),3 Franicevic/fearn(Sweetspots almost no poppet),Class 2042 junior Showmanship(15 time Under):1 Bassett,R(Sherwood’s sweet tiny slight image),2 Bourke,Nicole(Windypines call usA diva),Type 2043 Adult Showmanship(16 many over):1 Bassett,E(Spring vly finality),2 Franicevic/Fearn(Shanandoah night magic),Class 2044 rogue Cat A(Over lower jumps): 1Inka true porn star(Inkas alectra),2Inka true porn star(Inkas starlite stanley),3 Franicevic/fearn(Shanandoah night time magic),

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